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recap. donald trump will be here and larry the cable guy. >> head in for the after the show show. more on the pocket pets too. >> and mice and rats. and a box turtle. >> have a good day, everybody. >> we begin this hour with a fox news alert with the crisis in the ukraine. russia is openly defying international calls to stand down in ukraine's disputed peninsula. after taking full control yesterday, the nato secretary general said the invasion threatens people and security in europe. hundreds of thousands of protesters take to the streets in kiev. you can hear the cheers as ukraine's prime minister mobilizes the country's military, urging president putin to pull back his troops. there is no sign of that. good morning, everyone. great to have you here in
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america's news headquarters. >> ukraine calls russia's invasion a declaration of war. this is the u.s. all urging russia to end the blockade and pull out. there seems to be very little at this point. any leader can change the mind of vladimir putin and end the growing crisis that echoes the soviet invasion of the cold war. live via skype on the peninsula, jessica, what is the latest for you on the ukrainian base that has been taken over? >> reporter: we are hearing that is correct. one of the ukraine's infantry bases was surrounded by hundreds of russian troop this is morning. they captured the base and the ukrainian soldiers were not allowed to enter or leave. we are understanding that hundreds of other russian troops are now in the capital here.
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other news coming in that the ukrainian coast guard moved the ships from the ports here to the black see because russia has allegedly taken over those as well. no blood has been shed. obviously not a good situation. things are very, very tense here. they're very worried. >> what are putin's intentions? why is crime aso important and what is the feeling of what will happen? >> crimea is important because it was given to the soviet un n union, given to ukraine in soviet times and no one expected the soviet union to collapse. they are arguing that russia has a lot of secrets in the area. people here on the ground are half dozen of 1 and six of the
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other. some are excited because they are prorussian. 60% of the people are ethnic russians here. the other part of worried because they feel like they will be part of it. russian forces are here and vladimir putin made no bones about it and said they have the ability to be here. he is granted permission and said since russia maintains the military base, they can be here. a general oh, my goodness, what is happening, it happened so quickly. we definitely have a russian presence here. you see soldiers. the soldiers don't have the insignia, but they have matching uniforms. it's suspect to have thousands of soldiers with the same outfit. they are banded together and in the meantime we watch and wait. >> it seems to be a global cl z crisis not backing down. >> russia's intervention
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confronting president obama's foreign policy agenda. president obama did speak with vladimir putin for 90 minutes reiterating that continued involvement was a clear violation of ukrainian sovereignty. that it would harm russia's international standings. live in washington with the latest despite the warning. we see them ramping up. good morning. >> that's right. despite yesterday's warning, a convoy of at least 13 vehicles with the license plates carrying 30 armed men each has surrounded a military base in ukraine and the forces are not letting any of the troops enter or leave that base. the u.s. ambassador to the un called for the russian intervention to stop. she said it violates international law. just this morning secretary of state john kerry warned that russia is going isolate itself from the rest of the world if
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they continue with this aggressive posture. >> russia is going to lose. the russian people is going to lose. he's going to lose all the glow that came out of the olympics. the $60 billion extravaganza. he's not going have a sochi g8 and may not even remain in the g8 if this continues. >> tech sear kercretary kerry se last thing people want is this conflict with russia. they explained why. >> sending more naval forces to operate in the black sea is not a good idea given that we know that day has long passed. unless your intention to use them. i wouldn't send them. you have only economic options through the eu. >> they recalled all military reserve forces and defense officials there now are trying to get them ready for combat as soon as possible.
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ukraine officially shut down the airspace for all non-civilian aircraft in the last few hours. so far as far as we know, no shots have been fired yet. this is a very tense standoff. >> the calling up of reserve is a bold move. great to see you. stay on it. >> the u.s. ambassador to the united nations calling on russia to back down. here is her call at the un. >> today russia would do well to heed its own warning. the actions violate the commitment to protect the sovereignty and territorial independence of ukraine and pose a threat to international peace and security. >> what's next? where did the west go so wrong? fox's contributor is the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and fellow at the american enterprise institute. good morning.
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you may recall in 2005 putin said this about the soviet un n union. was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the country. do you think he was trying to reverse that? >> putin has the strategy to reestablish russia in the space of the former soviet union. i don't think that he said that he wants to take that into russia. it means he wants governments that at a minimum do russia's bidding. i think he is playing for all of ukraine. what he is doing militarily right now is establishing the negotiating position. that is russia's boot on ukraine's neck. they will start negotiating. partition is plan b. it's a fall back plan that if putin can't get the whole thing. it raises the question, what is obama's strategy?
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for five years he ignored ukraine. he doesn't have a strategy. he pressed the reset button so many times, you gets the point that the russians are taking what they want and ignoring his other. >> he issued that statement of warning to putin. will he listen? >> no. i think he understands that obama is the man who lives in a fog of words. to obama, rhetoric is reality. to putin, power is reality. he is exercising power. he couldn't care less about the rhetoric. the issue is whether the west will respond. right now the response is feeble. the message is clear not only for the ukrainians and not only for the other former republics of the soviet union, but around the world putin is on the move and obama is in the freeze. >> obama had a 90 minute phone call. let's look at the photograph of the president in jeans talking
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for an hour with vladimir putin. what went on in that phone call? . the president used language that was extraordinarily tough. what does that mean? was he yelling or cursing or saying tear down this wall and get out now? what went on in that call for 90 minutes? >> if you look at the white house read out which i encourage everybody to read and look through, obama said russia was violating international law. that's just about the morse serious thing in the world to barack obama and probably on a long list of priorities for putin and pretty close to the bottom. i think putin thinks he can make the reality what he wants and diplomatic terms. he can get what he wants from ukraine and confronts the west with that reality. the europeans will crumble and the united states will follow the europeans. that's the obama foreign policy
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at work. >> do you think that the west can do going have putin withdraw and talking about the declaration of war? apparently we are not talking about going to the g8 and boycotting that and sanctions on russian officials. anything at all. >> boycotting the g8 is making them tremble in their boots. when you hear of ukraine mobilizing forces, we don't know what they will do. we don't know what the officers will do and if the troops will follow orders. it's unclear how unified they will be for the interim government. what's happening in the ukraine is a clear example that he cannot wait for a crisis to develop and decide what you are going to do. the united states doesn't have a president with the wit to have a strategy to deal with the contingencies. we will be confronted with the challenges that we are not
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equipped to deal with we need the president to understand national security and prepared to put long range strategies into place to protect it. that has not happened the last five years and it's not going to happen the next three. >> what is your prediction and what will happen? >> i'm afraid the high cards are in putin's hands and he's still playing over a united ukraine. if he can't get that, he will go for partition. i think he thinks he can win the whole thing. >> ambassador as always, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> much more on the ukraine throughout this hour and in the noon hour as well, in the meantime there is a major winter storm dropping heavy snow on south dakota. take a look at sioux falls. where is it headed? i know it's going to be bad news for rick who is live in the fox weather center. we are getting it. >> of course we are getting it.
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we have sioux falls with a bit of this energy. the biggest storm has been across southern california and an incredible storm for them. largest in years. over this week, 4.35 inches in downtown los angeles. much more in san gabriel. 3.6 inches. that gives you an idea of how big this was for them. almost 15 inches in a year. we need the rain. they need more as well. heavy rainfall into arizona as well. about an inch of rain. you see the snow from around kansas through parts of the valley. this area of pink that i am most concerned about. freezing rain and a warm batch moving through southern missouri. you see another batch later this evening. get ready. this ohio river valley with cincinnati and lexington. some of the areas see about a half inch of ice. that will be big problems.
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arkansas as well. going through the south, the majority of the storm and philadelphia and d.c. likely seeing to eight inches. >> thanks for the heads up. >> in ukraine reaching dangerous new levels. sparking canada to withdraw the ambassador from moscow. the sovereigntyy and integrity have been violated. can the west do anything to stop vladimir putin. ameriprise askede a simple question:
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. >> experts say russia's military intervention in the crimea peninsula marks a showdown on the future of ukraine. mike roger, chairman of the house intelligence laid out the options for the united states going forward. listen.
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>> russia believes there is nothing going to stop them which is why they have been so aggressiove in crimea. they are sending more forces to operate in the black sea. not a good idea given that we know that day has long passed. unless you are intending to use them, i wouldn't send them. you have now only economic options through the eu. i would use those and we shouldn't let the ukraine get the eu and the united states into a civil war, but there lots of good options leading up to that. >> joining me now the anchor of fox news sunday is chris wallace. good morning. >> good morning to you, jamie. >> i want to ask you about his comments. you broke news on your show from darrell issa. >> we did indeed. lois learner, the official who was called to testify last may
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about her involvement in the targeting of conservative groups and refused to testify citing her fifth amendment rights against self incrimination. her lawyer said she would be called before the committee on wednesday and the lawyer has said that lois learner will testify and answer all questions about her involvement in the targeting scandal. >> no word on whether or not that comes on a deal for immunity. >> we have word and that is no. this is because of the facts that they apparently felt they didn't want to risk that she was voted in contempt. there was no deal and answer all questions according to issa's conversation with the lawyer. >> that's fascinating news. glad we could report it. let me ask you about mike rogers. he answered the question that
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many are asking. what options does the u.s. have and what should we do? >> what's really interesting in the interview, he said that vladimir putin is playing geopolitical chess. barack obama is playing marbles. a much weaker game. this happened in iran and happened in syria. now it's happened in ukraine. putin is not afraid of barack obama and therefore feels emboldened to take more action. he talked about a number of sanctions must cover than the president is talking about. he even said as in the case of iran if need be the congress should move on its own and pass sanctions and demand that the president sign them. he said we shouldn't wait around. the one thing that the president talked about at this point is that we are suspending participation not in the g8 summit, but in prepare tori talks towards the summit.
7:20 am
with the menu being that next june, we haven't said that we are going to cancel the summit that they want to have. >> we will be at the table. before i let you go, a 90 minute conversation obama had with putin. what came out of it? >> well, we know what ultimately came out is putin continues to put troops in crimea. they surround ukrainian military bases in crimea. what are they going to do with crimea. they think they may well ask to be included as part of russia and russia would accept that. the other question that comes a great part of eastern and southern ukraine which are also ethnically tied to russia. >> don't give it all away.
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everyone shouldn't miss the show with mike rogers being an exclusive. here on the fox news channel. great to see you. see you next sunday. >> thanks, jamie. >> we'll be right back. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool only from progressive.
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hollywood! i can't steal the lime light. michael was out at the 86th ceremony that takes place tonight. you can check it out. the movies, many are unforgettab unforgettable. tell us what is going on. i heard, i loved the movie philomena and i heard you met her. that is cool. >> what a great movie.
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this is the that had fierce competition between "12 years a slave" and gravity and american hustle. don't count him out. his movie is philomena. he had her out here for the last weeks. she had an audience with the pope and we caught up with her and we asked her what the experience has been like. >> you were so great and it's all i wanted to do. i was getting on in my 70s and i said i have to find him. now i'm 87. >> she fantastic. 80 years old and quite the spit fire. >> it was a powerful movie. what movie isn't. he has done a lot this year. is "12 years a slave" a shoe in? >> it should be. it's the best movie about the worst in american history. they had a hard time getting people to watch it. it's a tough movie to watch.
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the way the voting is, since they opened up the voting to 10 movies since 2011, they change how people vote. it's no longer a simple majority. it's a plurality based on the weight. voters are asked to rank their favorite movies one to ten. they also factor in people's second and 30 choice. you can see american hustle coming out of the choice. >> another favorite. go put your tux on already. really? >> i will. >> can't wait to see you all in black. >> just ahead with information about what you need to know. the way i see it, it's t next guy's problem. oh, larry. she thinks i'm crazy. mm-hmm. but would a crazy person save 15% on car insurance in just minutes?
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. healthy is as healthy does. i'm jamie colby. time for sunday house call. >> welcome to the house call on this sunday. with us is the doctor, chairman of the professor of urology and chief of robotic surgery there. >> here to help us clean up our act, professor of medicine in the lando medical center, author of the inner pulse, unlocking the code of sickness and health. great to have you here. let's get to where it started with this. we begin with a warning that concerns pregnant women as a new

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